Aren Grigoryan

Aren graduated with a Ph.D. in Biological Science in 2013 and acquired a strong variety of different skills in the Medical, Business, and Financial Sectors of Biology. He has completed various trainings and certificate programs, a Ph.D. in Biological Science, and has published scientific articles through multiple organizations. Aren’s current role as Director in the Invest Active Club has given him the opportunity to dive deeper into the financial sector by integrating technologies into solutions for financial and information services. He has been given the chance to help automate many portions of computer and management systems. By using the technology from different companies he has created solutions for retail and information services as well. More recently, he has collaborated with organizational leaders to create a higher standard of performance to help better achieve their financial and scientific goals and integrate them into their businesses. He has implemented successful strategies and practices in all aspects from the alignment of HR systems with business strategies, to management training, to organizing business structures to meet their needs. These solutions have allowed the businesses that he works with to reach a much higher efficiency output and provide more for both their clients and employees alike. Because Aren’s primary studies are in the biological and scientific field, he has seen a large array of development in these fields through the advancement of technology, from the perspective of both hardware and software. He will further continue to pursue these fields as they advance and further integrate their own structures through IT and other related technological changes to create a stronger Financial Sector for everyone. Aren’s experience throughout the years has created a network of large and small companies that he plans to tap into to offer merchant processing services.

Why is Armenian Patriots-Family Fund important to you?


“As it is known, during the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, 150,000 residents of Karabakh lost their homes, property, and a significant part of the homeland. Thousands of soldiers in the Armenian army died, and thousands were wounded.  Now the economic situation in Armenia is in a rather difficult situation.

It has become part of civilization to provide humanitarian aid to families of those who died in the war and to ensure that wounded soldiers return to normal life. This is the mission of Armenian Patriots-Family Fund and the reason we created this organization.”

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