Lusine Ghazarosyan

Lusine was born in 2000 in Vanadzor, Armenia. When she was 6, she attended her first school where she discovered her love for math and science. She was then admitted into “Evrika Special School of Thorough Learning of Math and Natural Sciences” In 2013, she attended extracurricular science and math classes and even held her own class, during which she taught chemistry to other students. She participated in many math and science Olympiads, and won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place diplomas. In 2016, Lusine won the “Annual Educational Award of the President of the Republic of Armenia in IT Sphere: Best High School Student”. She then went on to graduate from high school with a “gold medal”.

Computers always fascinated Lusine, she loved solving logic problems and was always into competitive programming, so choosing programing as her future profession was an obvious decision. In 2018, she entered the Applied Mathematics and Informatics department at Yerevan State University. She is now a third-year student there, and one of the best students in her classes. She actively participates in her university as a member of “Student Scientific Society”.

Besides University, Lusine is also studying at PicsArt Academy, attending their C++ and OPENGL courses. She wants to become an excellent programmer, solving worldwide problems and helping people by changing their lives. She also plans on giving lectures in the future, as she sees the teacher’s mission and teaching in general as a priority.

Why is Armenian Patriots-Family Fund important to you?


“During this cruel war, which started September 27, 2020, a lot of brave soldiers died or were seriously injured, including my friends. They sacrificed their lives and health for our motherland, our culture, and our right to live. Thousands of families lost their beloved sons, fathers, brothers, and husbands, people they loved and cared about. There is no way to make their loss less painful, but as families of heroes, they deserve to live well. We must be by their side spiritually, physically, and financially. I want to help them overcome any difficulties and not be in any need.


In addition to those who lost their lives, many soldiers were injured while protecting us. They are the bravest people, who will now continue living in our society. Some of them have injuries that are going to obstruct their ability to live fulfilled lives. What they have done for us is immeasurable, and now it is our turn to help and protect them. I want to allow them to live happy and secure lives, to reach their goals and dreams. They deserve the best that is available.”

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